Why Bophie’s Business Values Resonate With the Consumer

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There has never been a better time to be a company with a sustainable offering. Consumers are demanding more brands and products that embrace a purpose and sustainability in their whole process of delivering a product to market.

For many companies, it isn’t easy to make the switch when your systems are already in play and have been paid for many years ago.

For the newcomers, starting a business with sustainability and nature as a core value is far easier to deliver on that promise to the client.

In the Beginning

Founded in 2018, Bophie has built a range of personal care products that are all-natural plant-based. Bophie works with their scientific team to create skincare products that contribute positively to the planet from raw ingredients used as natural preservatives.

Natural ingredients often offer superior results on our skin. There is little reason to be using harsh chemicals to reduce fine lines or the signs of aging when there are natural ingredients that can do the same job.

Curiosity is Key

The scientific team working in the Bophie lab in Thailand is constantly looking for and working with abundantly available ingredients in nature.

From natural antioxidants like Glutathione for anti-aging to Vitamin C to stimulate our natural collagen growth, the products in the various skincare ranges offer the consumer a better option than chemical-filled products that are harmful to your skin the environment as a whole.

Bophie works towards improving the circular economy by creating innovative solutions in the workplace. The team is constantly researching better ways to solve problems that can all benefit the consumer.

Planet Before Profit

It is not all about high profits. Of course, every company needs to be profitable to sustain the business, but this should not be to the detriment of the planet and the sustainability of the plants and animals.

It Is All About Teamwork.

The team culture at Bophie promotes the philosophy that more can be achieved as a team. Work can be completed far more efficiently when everyone has the same goal in mind.

With these values, consumers can get on board with the philosophy and values that will benefit everyone’s future.


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