Sub Kaithitinan (CEO Bophie) joins the 1 in 7 Amazon Program Seller Ambassador Program in Thailand

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Being successful in launching a business is just one aspect of Sub Kaithitinan’s world. In July 2021, he joined seven businessmen and women in the Amazon Program Seller Ambassador Program. 

The program consists of successful e-commerce and online sales in their own right and wants to share their knowledge with new and up and coming individuals and businesses. 

The seven individuals are experts in selling on Amazon, and the main aim is to strengthen the Thai seller community through various activities, including talks, events, and training. 

Sub Kaithitinan has always been fascinated by online sales and, shortly after graduating in 2013, he honed his finance and e-commerce before launching Bophie in 2018. 

The fast upward trajectory of the Bophie brand is a true reflection of his skills and knowledge in this field. Being a Seller Program Ambassador in Thailand is his way of giving back to the community. 

The philosophy of Bophie is all about a circular economy, looking after its people, and growing a successful business that can benefit all, including the planet. 

Sharing the secrets to his success is just an extension of that promise to the customers that buy Bophie products and the staff that work for the company. 

Sub Kaithitinan joins one other Ambassador to join the program in 2021. 

You can read more about the Amazon Seller Ambassador Program here:


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