Bophie, Where Nature and Science Collide

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The development of any cosmetic product requires highly technical and collaborative processes. Companies creating a product that will offer the consumer an improvement on what they can already get off the shelf is an intensive process.

Bophie is dedicated to the research and development of its products to ensure they remain as close to nature as possible.

Bophie and the brands that fall in their stable came about to remain sustainable and ahead of the competition due to intensive research.
Everything that the company does contributes to its core values, including being a natural, environmentally friendly, and sustainable business that produces world-class products born from nature.

The Team of Scientists

The Bophie team is dedicated to their craft. They invest in the latest information and developments in the industry to implement in the company. Being agile and versatile is an ideal trait when you have a goal to be a sustainable business. The health and beauty industry is constantly evolving, so the curiosity of the team members is essential to ensure they are at the forefront of any changes that will make for a better world.

The Facility

The Bophie laboratories are state of the art. They leverage their in-depth research to transform the natural ingredients from nature in their purest form. The ingredients remain close to their original state to provide healthy products for your skin and assist in restoring your skin’s health to its best condition possible.

International standards

The laboratories have the best quality equipment to ensure that all tested and produced products comply with the highest international standards.

Every product goes through strict quality assurance via the use of intense guidelines.

The end-user can anticipate best-in-class products that will exceed expectations.

The Bophie promise

Because the company was formed with the premise of environmental sustainability, the consumer can expect innovation and products that will harness the natural potency of the natural ingredients. In turn, the products are suited for all skin types and will consistently deliver nourishment to your skin and overall health and wellbeing.

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