Bophie Launches into the Beauty and Skincare market

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When you are a newcomer in a category already filled with massive, well-established competitors with a global name and reach, it is easy to be a little intimidated. 

Bophie CEO Sub Kaithitinan believes that you can create brands and products that consumers will search for by being true to your values. 

The company values and philosophy is one of sustainability. Everything the company does, from sourcing the natural products, lab testing, not harming animals or the environment during the process, and being aware of the company’s overall carbon footprint, you can attract a consumer with a common mindset. 

The staff of the company all subscribe to the philosophy and are encouraged to develop themselves within the company, to sustain a healthy and happy environment. 

The brands that have been launched under the Bophie name are Shouvy and Koji White to LAISAE, NATICHAA, and RACHAA. Each product range only uses natural ingredients and is free from any harsh chemicals and parabens. 

Bophie is very aware of the impact that we can have on the environment, and if we are not conscious of the impact we have on the planet’s natural resources, we will soon run out of what we need to survive. 

Being a proud Thai-born and raised individual, Sub Kaithitinan wants to showcase the beauty of Thailand, its products, and its people. Promoting exports to the globe and ensuring it is all done sustainably is what the ultimate goal is. 

Bophie has a long way to go in terms of taking their products to the world, but this is a dream worth having with the right products in place.


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