Safety and Quality Process

We have outlined the Bophie safety and quality process to showcase the strict protocols we follow to bring you the best product we possibly can. This is our promise to you.

1. Ingredient assessment

The Bophie ingredient safety standard checklist

Cross-reference of the global cosmetics act and chemical substance regulation

Listing of all ingredients and the inclusion of the certificate of the analysis

2. Evaluation of all ingredients

We verify the purity and quality of all ingredients used in our products

Include all the safety testing, including allergy, irritation, phototoxicity, or cell toxicity

Recording and management of the process of the origin of all our natural ingredients

3. The development of our formulations

All lab, research, ingredients, and product safety standards

A review of all relevant global quality standards

The final implementation of the researched customer preference

4. Assessment of formulation

Lab and clinical tests on efficacy and safety of the products

The addition of the customer home-use patch tests for specific benefits

5. Development and quality control of packaging

Quality control assessments are completed on all packaging

Safety standards are tested

Product and formula tests completed for compatibility, transport, and usage

6. Ingredient quality control tests

Regular supplier evaluations for ingredients performance and quality control

Quality control on every batch of ingredients

Inspection of technical standards and claims, including natural, organic, vegan, and CITES

7. Manufacturing quality management

Checklist of compliance with the global GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practices) standards

Survey manufacturing quality during the production process

Best in class product assessment on each batch

8. Final inspection of finished products

Last quality control test on the final finished products

Stability and safety tests are completed

Customer sensory and use tests are completed per batch.

9. Logistics quality control and delivery

Storage, transport, and shipping conditions are monitored to preserve the integrity of the products.

Product expiration, shelf life, and returns management

Global customer service support

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