Go out with the confidence you need to take on the day

Keeping your delicate area clean and fresh is an important part of female hygiene.
However, washing with water may not be sufficient to remove odors and unclean residue. You also need the help of a safe and effective feminine wash to ensure that you’re protected down there. 

A good intimate wash should help balance your pH level, eliminate unpleasant smells, moisturize dry skin, and prevent itchiness. Lucky for you, we have one that’ll tick all the right boxes and help boost your confidence!

The Extra Sensitive Feminine Cleanser by RACHAA will help you stay fresh throughout the day!

Slay The Day

Feel confidently beautiful with the help of a gentle feminine cleanser. Formulated with tea tree oil, our feminine wash helps get rid of unpleasant odors, so your intimate area stays fresh for longer. It also has Teflose that safeguards your lady part from the formation of harmful elements, keeping it clean all day. Now, you can take on any task and go anywhere you want without any discomfort!

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