Our Culture

We are a Thai-based company that looks to bridge the gap between technology and product management. We are youthful, creative, and full of ideas, which means that we’re always quick to learn something new and fast to respond to the marketplace. We place emphasis on growth and development, feedback, value, and performance. But most of all, we want our team to have fun with the work that they do.

To be Thai

BOPHIE is involved in sharing the rich culture of Thailand with everyone around the world. Thailand is a reputable tourism destination as people around the world desire to visit the country and have a first-hand experience of its famous cultures.

The citizens are warm, friendly, and generous as they welcome tourists with a smile. Thailand’s culture is influenced by the contemporary world, but the country still retains proud links to its tradition and spirituality. There is no way a tourist will pay a first-time visit to Bangkok without noticing the temples, monks, spirit houses, and Buddha images.

Another aspect of culture which the people are willing to share with the world is their belief in natural products. Thailand is close to nature and endowed with resources. Hence, the citizens have taken considerable bold steps to enjoy this richness and share it with the world. BOPHIE seeks to advance the rate at which the culture of natural products spreads across the world through our brands.


BOPHIE is a people-oriented brand. As such, we are located in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand where we maximize the richness of nature and vibrant street life of the city to reach the teeming populace with information about our beauty and personal care brands.

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