Koji White & Shouvy Get Compact by Design Certification – Climate Pledge Friendly by Amazon

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To be recognised by one of the most important businesses of our time is a beautiful honour.  Amazon partnered with various external certifications, including governmental agencies, independent laboratories, and non-profit organisations. The aim is to distinguish more sustainable products from the rest. 

Companies that are actively working to sustain the natural world should be promoted to consumers. The Amazon Compact by Design is a certification that identifies products that have a more efficient packaging design. They contain less air and water, thereby requiring less packaging. As a result, the products are more efficient to ship. 

Bophie was awarded the Climate Friendly Compact by Design certification for two of the current brands, Koji White and Shouvy. The company continually works towards minimising the carbon footprint on the planet. The values that they work towards the focus on sustainability. 

Each brand plays its own part in ensuring they contribute positively to the sustainability of the planet. By the brands reducing unnecessary plastics and packaging, they minimize the impact on natural resources. 

If every company in the world adopted a more eco-friendly approach to product and packaging development, the impact would be massive. 

Bophie CEO, Sub Kaithitinan, is adamant about continuing to work towards a zero-carbon footprint for the business. Sourcing of ingredients, sustainable harvesting, and eco-friendly packaging are just some of the small elements that the company maintains. 

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