Koji White achieve Amazon Best Seller Rank 500 in Beauty

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In just over a year since its launch in 2018, Bophie’s Koji White brand achieved the Amazon Best Seller Rank 500 in Beauty. The achievement can be attributed to the online selling skills of CEO Sub Kaithitinan, who worked in e-commerce and finance before launching the business. By understanding the requirements to succeed in the fast-paced world of e-commerce and sales, the brands that are so steeped in Thai history and heritage are exported worldwide to customers vying for their nutrient and healing properties. 

The Koji White brand fulfills a desire in women to have safe options to lighten and nourish their skin without harsh chemicals. The Koji range consists of soaps and lotions, including papaya, Glutathione, Vitamin C, Collagen, Charcoal for dark spots, and Cleansing Facial & Body soaps. 

The market is searching for fewer chemicals that contribute positively to the environment with sustainable ingredients, harvesting, and packaging. The Bophie company is committed to having zero impact on the planet. Each decision is weighed upon what can be done better to reduce the overall carbon footprint on the natural surroundings. 

With the brand making the Amazon Best Seller list in Beauty, it is a testament to the demand that the consumers push for better products, more natural ingredients, no harm to animals with testing, and less danger of damaging their skin by using the product. 

The Koji White products are gentle on your skin and still contain natural ingredients that naturally lighten dark spots and pigmentation of your skin. Lab-tested to ensure efficacy and reduce any risk of skin damage, the products have been well received by consumers worldwide. 

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