Going Back to Nature for a Sustainable World

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Many companies want to build a sustainable planet for future generations, which means combining nature and science. It is precisely what Thai-based Bophie is doing in the skincare industry.

The companies philosophy is deeply rooted in nature itself.

Bophie is creating beauty and personal care products from natural ingredients that improve the customers’ skin naturally. The company is disrupting the industry by ensuring the ingredients are clean, natural, and safe. Make-up and skincare brands are renowned for using chemical agents in their products, which is unsustainable and harms our environment.

Bophie’s focus is always on environmental conservation and sustainability.

The combination of ingredients only found in nature and lab testing, they can pave the way for a cleaner, safer, and more resilient world.

The company has forward-focused values. It is vital to ensure the company maintains the vision of being a sustainable business and educates consumers on the importance of life based on natural products.

Bophie focuses on maintaining cost competitiveness in a volatile market. As technological advancements improve processes, they will adopt the innovation to increase effectiveness and remain as carbon neutral as possible.

The team at Bophie always looks for solutions in innovation.

The whole team uses past learnings and best practice and generate novel ways to improve work environments and processes. The team works as one to ensure they achieve the common goal.

The Bophie consumer already knows what they need to be doing to maintain the balance in nature. Consumers are actively searching for brands that support this philosophy. The global movement to vegetarianism and veganism will continue to spread the need for industries to adopt natural and sustainable solutions to health and beauty care.

The consumer is demanding more from companies and multinationals to reduce their impact on nature. Brands that embrace the trend will be the ones that last into the future, as the focus on ingredients shifts from chemical to natural.

Our planet already provides everything we need in abundance. All we have to do is look.

For more information on Bophie’s brands click here, or contact them via email or social media.

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