Bophie Celebrates 100 Million Baht in Worldwide Sales in 2021

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Having officially launched in 2018, Bophie’s rise and sales success around the globe has culminated in the company celebrating its 100 Million Baht in Sales in 2021. A Thai-based company’s success with this level of international success is attributed to the brands’ core values that they hold dear and resonates with a global audience. 

With only five brands under its name, Bophie’s success is only starting. The brands are still relatively unknown, yet their success showcases that the products and what they stand for are in high demand. 

Reaching the milestone is a testament to the value that Thai-based businesses have to offer the world. Not only are the products natural and part of a sustainable ecosystem, but they also provide the user with an experience that they are looking for in brilliant formulations. 

As the company expands into more markets, the expectations are following in those footsteps. As more and more consumers get exposed to the products, their demand is growing. The export of the Bophie brands, including Koji White and Shouvy to LAISAE, NATICHAA, and RACHAA, is a massive win for the Thai business. 

Amazon and its massive distribution network around the world played a significant part in the company’s success. Having an instant global distribution network at your fingertips is the dream of every marketer. 

The explosion into the international market has allowed the business to expand the company, create more jobs for local Thai residents, and showcase Thailand’s beauty and natural resources.  

Bophie moved its headquarters to JustCo@Samyan Mitrtown Office in Bangkok in July 2021. 

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